CCB# 201748
Natural Building:
timberframeround polestick framebamboostraw balestraw-claychip-slipadobecobcordwoodstoneurbaniteliving roof
Artisan Finishes:
earth plasterlimetile
salvage materialsfurniturestained glasscob ovenfibersolarAmerican Claylime plasterpaintwoodworking
Aug 2010

Strawbale Theater

Idanha Nova, Portugal

This straw bale wall encloses a movie theater and workshop area for the BOOM Festival in western Portugal. I joined a group called BambooDNA to construct two 300' diameter structures made almost entirely from bamboo. They needed sound isolation for the movie theater, so I was asked to join to help lead that portion of the bamboo build-out. Twenty volunteers from over a dozen different countries helped me slap local clay and sand on the wall and had a lot of fun in the process, even without the english language. Even though it was intended as a temporary structure, the organizers ended up liking this project so much that they decided to keep it for a local drive-in theater.

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Apr 2009

Bamboo Solar Oven

This is a solar oven I built from scraps of bamboo, rope, stones and an old sky light dome that I found leftover at a bamboo build-out at the Coachella Music Festival. It worked great, and I could cook quinoa and cookies every day!

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