CCB# 201748
Natural Building:
timberframeround polestick framebamboostraw balestraw-claychip-slipadobecobcordwoodstoneurbaniteliving roof
Artisan Finishes:
earth plasterlimetile
salvage materialsfurniturestained glasscob ovenfibersolarAmerican Claylime plasterpaintwoodworking
Mar 2011

Landscape Paths

I assisted fellow designer/builder Ethan Rainwater on a landscape installation at a Hendrick's Park residence by installing these two hardscape elements. This project was a real challenge is using the materials at hand. The stone steps were built with not one left to spare from the pile I was given. Cherry tree prunings were used to retain the cut edge. The gravel path was lined with cherry logs, also waste from the yard, which will make the pathway a bit safer in the rainy season. I can't wait to see the landscape once the plantings grow in.

Dec 2006

Pine Tree Pavilion

Ithaca, New York

This was my B. Arch Thesis project at Cornell University. I developed a theory called 'Macrobiotic Design' which centered around site harvested materials, seasonal adaption and occupant awareness. After presenting the theory for my final review, I spent six months putting the ideas to the test and building a small structure for real. This exercise opened me up to the world of natural building and I am grateful for the experience. It's open to the public along the trail to Six Mile Gorge, if you are in Ithaca, please visit!

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