CCB# 201748
Natural Building:
timberframeround polestick framebamboostraw balestraw-claychip-slipadobecobcordwoodstoneurbaniteliving roof
Artisan Finishes:
earth plasterlimetile
salvage materialsfurniturestained glasscob ovenfibersolarAmerican Claylime plasterpaintwoodworking
Feb 2011

Manzanita Chandelier

This is a large ceiling mounted light fixture made from manzanita branches that were lashed together with natural twine and wrapped with salvaged christmas lights.

Jan 2011

Smilin' Sun Dormer Window

Stained glass window for the Chip-Slip Sauna

Aug 2010

Strawbale Theater

Idanha Nova, Portugal

This straw bale wall encloses a movie theater and workshop area for the BOOM Festival in western Portugal. I joined a group called BambooDNA to construct two 300' diameter structures made almost entirely from bamboo. They needed sound isolation for the movie theater, so I was asked to join to help lead that portion of the bamboo build-out. Twenty volunteers from over a dozen different countries helped me slap local clay and sand on the wall and had a lot of fun in the process, even without the english language. Even though it was intended as a temporary structure, the organizers ended up liking this project so much that they decided to keep it for a local drive-in theater.

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Jun 2010

'Loop-de-loop' Bench

Springfield, Oregon

The ‘Loop-de-loop’ is a very large curving cob bench created for the BRING Planet Improvement Center, located in Eugene, Oregon. The project uses urbanite for the foundation and cob for the structure of the bench. The ‘loop’ was built using adobe blocks and a five foot clear span form. The roofing was created with salvaged toilet tank covers in twenty different colors that continue up and through the loop and back out the other side. The main part of the bench is intended for group seating for informational tours and student programs at BRING, while the loop creates a great place for employees to have lunch with a friend out of the rain. The bench is covered with earth plaster … Read More »

Sep 2009

Rainwater Greenhouse

Eugene, Oregon

A passive solar greenhouse built from cob, light clay-straw and salvage materials. The existing backyard had several concrete pads for old sheds, so we cut them into squares and stacked them up for some thermal mass on the inside of the greenhouse, which are located to get direct sunlight only during the winter months. It also freed up the yard for garden space. The wood framing came from deconstructed sheds and decks on the property and we only needed to purchase a single piece of lumber! We infilled the wood frame with sculptural cob on the east and west walls, insulative clay-straw on the north wall, and reclaimed sliding glass doors as windows on the south. There are also operable … Read More »

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