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Natural Building:
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Artisan Finishes:
earth plasterlimetile
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Oct 2014

Lath & Plaster Octobie

Eugene, Oregon

This yurt-like structure called an 'Octobie' gets a special interior, with wood lath & earth plaster walls. Along with enthusiastic owners, we host several workshops to get the earth plaster installed. The base coat is made from local clay, sand and straw. The finish plaster coat is American Clay Enjarre with half-strength Tuscon Gold pigment.

Oct 2014

American Clay Fireplace

Corvallis, OR

This fireplace is plastered with American Clay Loma. The pigment blend used is called Iron Gate. I gave the surface a subtle texture and finished it with American Clay sealer. The result is stunning and a good fit for this contemporary living room paired with walnut cabinetry and ceasar stone hearth.

Aug 2014

Tile Backsplash

Eugene, Oregon

This simple tile backsplash adds flair to an otherwise unexciting kitchen. This was a low-cost addition installed for the purpose of adding resale value to a home. The owner liked it so much, she wished she had done it years before she decided to move and make the upgrade.

Apr 2014

American Clay Loma

Eugene, Oregon

This contemporary master bathroom addition is completed just right with American Clay Plaster. Using Loma as the base and Havasu for pigmentation, this natural clay plaster systems responds to the daylight with different moods throughout the day. The twin skylights reveal this quality particularly well. The hand troweled finish also pairs well with the fossil embedded granite counter tops and cherry finish carpentry.

Mar 2014

Hummingbird Wholesale Mosaic

Eugene, Oregon

This intricate mosaic was created for Hummingbird Wholesale as an outdoor, walkable art piece. The design was inspired by the Native American Medicine Wheel or Four Shields, vision quest concept. We used a combination of broken salvaged tile and small colored pebbles. It had long been the desire of the owner to do this mosaic installation and with my support, we made it happen. I really enjoyed working on this project.

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