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Apr 08, 2012

Aprovecho Sustainable Shelter Series 2011: Inside Insulation Course

Welcome to Aprovecho! This year is the first of an annual offering called the Sustainable Shelter Series. It's an amazing overview of natural construction techniques at a very beautiful place near Cottage Grove, Oregon. I'm here teaching the week-long insulation section of the series. This first picture is of the structure as I arrive to it, a beautiful hybrid timberframe ready for strawbales on the northwall, light clay straw on the east and west and … Read More »


Apr 2014

American Clay Loma

Eugene, Oregon

This contemporary master bathroom addition is completed just right with American Clay Plaster. Using Loma as the base and Havasu for pigmentation, this natural clay plaster systems responds to the daylight with different moods throughout the day. The twin skylights reveal this quality particularly well. The hand troweled finish also pairs well with the fossil embedded granite counter tops and cherry finish carpentry.

Please note, design and general construction by others, Day One Design provided wall… Read More »


Aug 20, 2012

Aprovecho Sustainable Shelter Series

Cottage Grove, Oregon

July 29 - September 14, 2012
The Sustainable Shelter Workshop Series is a 7 week course designed to empower participants with the ability to design/build/renovate their own home using simple techniques and natural, vernacular materials. During this course we will start from the ground and move up teaching not only the art/science of natural building and green design, but the corresponding appropriate technologies essential for successfully integrating your shelter into a permaculture landscape.

The course is … Read More »

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